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Did Italy win the U21 European Championship convincing?

Thảo luận trong 'Chuyên Mục Ngoài Lề' bắt đầu bởi thanhthuy02, 14/2/20.

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    Did Italy win the U21 European Championship convincing?
    A three-way tie for top spot on points between Italy, Poland and Spain is very possible come Saturday night. Jamie Pacheco talks us through the two matches that can lead lớn that scenario- According lớn the football tips page!


    Steady start for the Poles
    Spain U21 v Poland U21

    Saturday June 22, 20:00

    Live on Sky Sports Football

    Spain were one minute of normal time away from almost certain elimination. A draw against Belgium would have meant the maximum number of points they could have got was four and certainly not enough to finish as the best runners-up.

    So they can thank substitute Pablo Fornals, who has just signed for West say mê, for that late goal. Spain were my pre-tournament tip to go all the way and that soccer tip bet means they now have a great chance.

    A win here would mean they definitely go through as long as Italy don't beat Belgium (see below). If both Spain and Italy win, things get complicated because of the head-to-head between the three with goal difference probably coming into play. But let's not worry too much about that now. Spain are focused on winning, Poland on not losing.

    At first glance the price on Poland winning is quite frankly, an insult to them. Getting 10/1 about a side with two wins from two matches, including beating hosts and joint-favourites Italy, doesn't seem possible.


    That said, their opening day victims, Belgium, have proved to be a pretty ordinary side and the 1-0 win over Italy was a real smash-and-grab job. The hosts had 64% possession, 10 corners to Poland's two and 30 shots to eight. Lớn use that old football cliché, Luigi di Biagio's side did everything but score.

    Still, Poland will be full of confidence and if nothing else, will have learned how lớn frustrate a better, more technical side and will surely bring that lớn this game.

    I wouldn't put anyone off the 10/1 on a third Polish win as Spain roll the dice in search of goals, or the 3/1 on both a Poland win/Draw on the Double Chance market.

    But the recommended bet is Poland or Draw at evens on the First Half Double Chance market. In other words, that Poland are ahead or level at half-time.

    Spain don't need lớn go all guns blazing at the start and may just decide that constant possession will eventually wear them down and allow them lớn strike in the second half when fatigue kicks in. An early blow for Poland before Spain bite back in the second half isn't out of the question, either.
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